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What is STARSTrack?

STARSTrack is an NCQA certified solution, built to satisfy the needs of State agencies or Health Plans that need the visibility, agility, and up-to-date monitoring of quality measures. STARSTrack provides comprehensive and easy to use reporting and analytics to improve healthcare outcomes throughout the following populations:

(CMS's 2390-F)

(CMS's Five Stars
Quality Rating Program)


(QRS for QHP's)

How can STARSTrack help alleviate your recurring data management processes?

Automate Measure Calculations


Automate the measure calculation process minimizing human intervention to avoid possible errors in the process.

Keep Up With CMS' Constant Changes

Avoid the heavy burden (time and cost) of maintaining the constant changes in measures that CMS/NCQA/PQA/AHRQ and other data stewards publish every year.

Refocus Your People To Do More Analysis

Refocus your human resources to do more analysis and not data collection, preparation, and manipulation, therefore significant increase in productivity.

Obtain Rating Results Fast

Obtain rating results with the speed, frequency, and agility to make corrections on time in the course of action or reaffirm the direction or strategy.


Designed flexible enough to adapt to constant changing needs, taking into account market and government regulations.

Add agility & reliability to your healthcare organization.


"STARSTrack has helped our Star Rating Intervention Team be better prepared to address care gaps with members, providers, and IPAs.  We are now equipped with the data needed to stratify our population, develop specific action plans, and measure the effectiveness of our initiatives."

Christian Caballero

Five Stars Operations Director

MMM Healthcare, LLC


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